I am fascinated by the concept of predestination. Was I predestined to write about it or did my free will lead me to this post? I don’t pretend to be an expert about this staggeringly difficult concept, but it won’t stop me from thinking out loud about it. If you have the answer to the question please enlighten me. I’m doubt your answer will make any sense to my finite mind, but it shouldn’t stop us from having the fun of trying to answer this paradox. This site is not intended to be a religious blog. I intend to talk about interesting historical characters, places and events. Questions related to predestination and history are perfectly related. I explored some of these questions in my recent novel Morgan’s Point. The book can be found on Amazon/Kindle as an eBook.

It seem to me there would little point to an existence that is devoid of free will.  Assume with me that there is an omnipotent power that I will call God for simplicity. Omnipotence and human free will seem to be in conflict. An omnipotent God must give up sovereignty to humans if free will is to play a role in our lives.

I doubt that most of us would understand a God that set out to plan the mess that we call human history. Yet, if you read the Bible there are numerous references to just such an idea. Predestination seems like an easy out to blame God for anything wrong we do. Did God know that Adam and Even would disobey him before they ate the apple? If God didn’t know, then just how omnipotent is He? I will offer some issues I see in Bible verse in future posts. In the mean time I look forward to your thoughts about all of this.