Was God’s Bracket about to be busted?

Maybe its not the right week to post a something with this title, but I always have, “it was predestined” to fall back on. I watched bits and pieces of the NCAA tournament yesterday. There were two games that stood out. The Notre Dame/Stephen F. Austin and the Texas A & M/Northern Iowa games had strange finishes. In both games improbable comebacks put Power Five Conference teams into the Sweet Sixteen.

The Aggies and Northern Iowa game was particularly crazy. The Aggies made up 11 points in 44 seconds to send the game (which they eventually won) to overtime. This game was interesting to me because it was Northern Iowa who sent my Longhorns packing on a 50 foot shot for a last second win on Friday night. Those of you who read yesterday’s post know the Aggie’s coach had commented on the shot as a “Grace of God” thing. Those of us on the other side of the lost didn’t feel like it was so graceful. The Northern Iowa fans were appropriately ecstatic at the end of the Friday night win and I’ll bet there was a feeling that they were on there way to big things because “it was their destiny.” Fast forward to Sunday night and Northern Iowa’s loss of a key player at just the wrong moment with 44 seconds left in the game. I think life is full of these moments. We are on top one minute and in the dumpster the next. Is it a learning experience or just a random walk? Those of you who commented yesterday started a lively discussion. I’m happy if you want to talk Predestination or March Madness.

Oh yeah, the Notre Dame game ended with an improbable put back basket by a Notre Dame player who had been inserted in the lineup for defensive purposes. The winning goal was the only basket he scored. After the game Mike Bray, Notre Dame’s coach addressed his team in the locker room and reminded them of a bitter last second loss last season in the NCAA tourney. He exclaimed something like “after last year’s loss and this game today, I think its our DESTINY to win the championship. Well, maybe so. Notre Dame may have a favored spot in God’s bracket. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.