Tomorrow Night in Austin at Malvern Books

Poster @ Malvern’s Book Store for Austin launch of Anahuac


For you who are attending tomorrow night’s book launch for Anahuac at Malvern Books, there are some things to consider. The store is in the University of Texas area just just off of Guadalupe (the Drag) on 29th Street. Those of us in Austin know that is a high traffic area and parking is at a premium.  The event starts at 7, but there is a great alternative parking area that opens for the book store parking at Breed’s Hardware at 7,  a half a block west of Malvern on 29th. Malvern is a decent sized store, but I am sharing the stage with Boyd Taylor who goes on first. I expect between the two of us it will be crowded.  There are several places for a pre-event supper close to Malvern that might ease the parking issue. The two pictures below give you an idea that Breed’s is going to be your best parking option.

Malvern Book Store and Oat Willie’s

Malvern Books is an excellent Austin Book Store and is next to Oat Willie’s, the iconic Austin store selling all kinds of interesting things. There is an Austin and UT vibe about the whole experience. Just understand they have not created any new parking in the UT area in the last two centuries. Come early, be respectful of the parking issue and have fun. I am looking forward to telling you about Sarita Jo Franklin. I think you’ll like her.


Malvern Book Store Austin Texas