Sunsets, Raptors and Living in the Sky

Living in a high rise has proven to be interesting. For a man who was never fond of heights it has been an adjustment. I am adjusting and can venture out on the balcony with impunity.  The picture is from a recent sunset out our window. It is surprising how many evenings are punctuated with beautiful sunsets. 

One thing that I have had to get used to is the absence of sparrows, mocking birds and the like. None of the song birds that I see at the ranch want to fly up twenty-six floors to visit. This morning there was an epic visit from a large raptor who crashed into one of our windows. After the crash I looked out and saw a raptor flying back and forth near the balcony. I was relieved because we had several owls and other large birds fly into a picture window at our former home, some with tragic results. I told Kathy the bird had flown away and all had ended well. She took a closer look out the window and reported that there was a huge bird on the balcony. To my horror I saw a giant raptor staggering around the deck looking as if he had been in a boxing match. I cautiously opened the door and it seemed to recover. It spread its wings and flew off seemingly no worse for the crash. We are doing research now to determine what it was. It was not a red tail hawk which we have seen before. It was larger than a red tail and all chocolate brown. Let us know if you have suggestions.

So when you think of friends  who live in the sky, don’t think that the wild kingdom can’t come visit them. I’ve had enough excitement for one day. I don’t think our friend was hurt, but doubt he will be visiting us again soon.