San Antonio Launch of Anahuac – A Pearl of a Day


The Pearl—Market Day Nov. 4 2017

Anahuac was well received at the Twig Bookstore at the Pearl in San Antonio yesterday. It was a beautiful day and there was a large crowd enjoying all of the excellent shops and outside vendors of fine vegetables and meats. The Twig is a wonderful bookstore and I will be returning again when I am not signing books. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There is a stunning array of books that will thrill the both adults and children alike. During the signing I was particularly amused by one of the children who brought two hand puppets from the Twig’s realistic animal collection over to entertain me. On the crass commercial side, I sold out of the shelf copies of my first Morgan’s Point and sold many copies of my new novel Anahuac. I am looking forward to my appearance at Malvern Books in Austin on November 8th at 7:00 pm.

Author’s table at the Twig

The day was made even more special by Dee and Gloria Keller stopping by the talk and renew old acquaintances. It turns out that Dee is a natural born salesman and had books flying off the shelves. Gloria was so kind to help spread the word that I was back in San Antonio. It’s good to have friends like these.

The bluebonnet seeds on the table in the picture are a give away that I bring to help direct potential readers to this web site. I loved the reactions of visitors who were either thrilled to have something to plant or not sure what they were. There are a lot of new Texans these days.  There are also a lot of condo dwellers in the area and many were hesitant because they had nowhere to plant them. I told them to simply plant in nature somewhere they liked. I am the Johnny Appleseed of bluebonnets.

I highly recommend that you visit the Pearl on a weekend even if you don’t live in San Antonio. The sound of laughter and joy of adults and kids alike was spectacular and uplifting. The quality of the products sold in the outdoor booths was spectacular.


Proud to have been invited to appear at The Twig

Fun for Adults and Kids alike @ the Pearl

World Class produce on sale at the Pearl in San Antonio.