Ellsworth Kelly’s AUSTIN @ the Blanton Art Gallery at UT

Promenade through the Blanton

Unique, exciting and cool is the best way I can describe the evening at the Blanton Art Gallery at UT last Thursday. It was also free, which makes it as good as it gets. The Blanton features a free Third Thursday event each month. This month’s event featured a Michael Alec Rose composition called THREE INTERVENTIONS. Austin Camerata performed the music as we promenaded through the gallery to enjoy three art works commemorating dramatic interventions. The first intervention was the sparing of Abraham’s son Ishmael. The second was Esther’s plea to save the Jewish people from an edict of death. The third was a unique portrait of  C.J. Walker, the daughter of slaves who was the first black woman business woman to become a millionaire. Walker’s intervention was that she gave thousands of black women jobs in the early 1900s when opportunities were few.

The featured photo with this post is Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin, the structure he created on the UT Campus next to the Blanton. The structure is a marvel, and I won’t attempt to describe it other than it’s a combination of textures, a soaring totem, and works miracles with the natural light. It is well worth the visit.

The bottom line of all this is that Kathy and I are trying to take in the culture that surrounds us in our Austin and Washington, D.C. homes. Sometimes it is hard to get up the energy to make the hike where ever there are opportunities to experience the things that can enhance life. This was an exciting evening that sure beat watching television. I was reacquainted with the story of Esther and learned about an early black woman’s success. We took a chance, took a brisk hike, and found out many new things. Try it, I bet you’ll like it.