Malvern Books Event-Austin Book Launch

Malvern Books in Austin hosted the  book event to launch Anahuac in Austin, Texas this past week. I was honored to read an excerpt from Anahuac to a large crowd that came out on a wet and cold night. Malvern Books is one of those great resources for local

Poster @ Malvern’s Book Store for Austin launch of Anahuac

Austin writers. The local independent book store keeps your reading options open to more than just the picks that large publishers choose to print these days. I encourage you to seek out these stores like Malvern and The Twig in San Antonio who assure that there is a wide diversity of literature available for your reading tastes. I will post a video of the Malvern event in the coming days when it becomes available.

There was a positive review of Anahuac that appeared in Lone Star Literary Review this week. Writing is such solitary work that feedback is welcome even is it is unfavorable. When it is favorable, it is icing on the cake.