Poor money, it’s always the fall guy for the evils committed by man. Money is but a substitute for the material things that a society values. Would it be more accurate to blame greed? In some instances (say you are dying and need a transplant) the need for money means the difference between life and death. Is one evil for stealing to survive? At least, if the dying thief is caught he will be incarcerated and our society will provide the transplant. 
Gordon Gecko said “Greed is good!” in the movie Wall Street. I suppose greed could have certain benefits. If greed causes us to work hard to earn an honest living and our success causes the boats of others to rise, then that kind of greed is good, at least for the economy. If it is the type of greed that fuels a scheme like the home mortgage scandal, then greed is not good. Some might argue that greed is never good. What if you were predestined to be greedy? I’m just asking. Two cases come to mind. The Bible says that Judas’ betrayal of Jesus (done for 30 pieces of silver) and Pharaoh’s captivity of the captive Jews in Egypt were orchestrated by God to carry out his plan. If that’s the case then you can understand why each of them might say a la Bill Clinton, “What’d I do?”