Interesting concept–cheating your fate. Seems like it would defeat the whole purpose of the system if one could actually “cheat” their fate. In my mind its like being a “little bit pregnant”. Either it was predestined and it happens or its not predestined. I’ve seen arguments and there are places in the Bible that indicate that one thing was predestined and God changed his/her mind. Could cheating your fate happen when God changes the predestined plan? There is an old proverb that presents the question in a different light. “If you were destined to hang, you’ll never drown.” I suppose the idea is that being saved from one disaster doesn’t mean you should gloat because there may be another fate awaiting you that you wouldn’t have picked if you would have had a choice. Free will might have let you choose your own path that avoids drowning or hanging.Of course this is all dependent on whether you buy the concept of predestination.

History is full of turning points that defy easy explanation. The incredibly powerful storm  that descended on Washington, D.C. in August of  1814 devastated the British Army’s plan to destroy the new U.S. Capitol. The rains put out fires set by the British to burn the city and it killed British soldiers who were crushed when building collapsed on them. Amazingly the British, whose vastly superior forces were ready to regain control of the  U.S. packed up and went home after the storm. It is reported that on the way out of town a British Admiral asked a woman resident of D.C.   ” Great God, Madam, is this the kind of storm to which you are accustomed in this infernal country?!”She responded, “No, sir, this is a special interposition of Providence to drive our enemies from the city.”

So there you have it. The Bible is full of stories of divine intervention by a God that chooses sides. If this statement is true one of the following seems to be true. (1) God preordained the storm to save his “elected”. (2) God changed his/her mind about the British and the citizens of the U.S. “cheated their fate” or (3) it was a lucky coincidence. I’m just saying. I am saving. The whole issue of free-will is coming in another post, but what do you think?