Goodreads: Joining a Community of Readers During the Holidays

The holidays are fun, sometimes exhausting and upon us. When I find myself frazzled and unable to endure one more football game (never thought I’d say that) I plan to scurry into an unoccupied corner and read a book. It is almost as healthy as a mindfulness excercise. I guess the point of all this is if you find yourself getting a little holiday blues working, a book may be the answer.

I am not completely caught up in technology (I say as I blog) but it is amazing how technology can unite us — we can gather based on interests as well as geography.

One of the places I’ve found recently is Goodreads — it’s a community of readers (as well as writers) that does a great job of connecting people to books they might want to read. There are so many books out there, and so many good professional reviewers, but Goodreads provides a high-tech version of good, old-fashion word-of-mouth recommendations.

Of course, you can now find me on Goodreads. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read from me — or even if you just want to announce that you WANT to read either or both of my books — Goodreads lets you do that.

The page for Morgan’s Point is here, the page for Anahuac is here, and my author page (which includes my blog) is here. I am still learning how to navigate the site, but it is fun to see what your friends are reading even if they are a thousand miles away. If the holidays get overwhelming remember that a book is an excellent friend that won’t give you an ugly sweater. Happy Holidays to all.

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