If you are reading this then you’re on my website If you were interested enough to read the About Me (hyperlink to About Me) you have seen that I was bold enough to opine that “I was born to write novels.” Since I only recently published my first novel, Morgan’s Point, (hyperlink to kindle site) you might think me a bit presumptuous. I have never been accused of being a shrinking violet, but even I was startled when I first typed those words. 
Have you lived your whole life doing something that you really love (or maybe hate), and a little voice keeps telling you to change your life and won’t quit nagging?  We all have secret passions that we stuff down for fear of failure or not having enough to eat. If you aren’t Tolstoy or John Grisham it takes some guts to write “I was born to write”. I aspire to be like them. How did I get that way? What drove me to leave my day job behind? My posts have a common theme—predestination or the lack thereof.  I keep asking myself, how did I get here? Like the beer guy, I don’t always write about predestination, but when I do it’s on this website. 
I’ll leave you this thought. If that loud mouth on your back keeps telling you to change the course of your life—stop and listen—it may be destiny calling. Don’t hang up on a call from destiny without saying hello. At least you might shut that little loud mouth up and get him off your back.