A Snowy 2nd Day of Spring in Washington, D.C.

The beauty of a snow in the spring is that you know it won’t last forever. As the pictures show, it is one of those days in D.C. Heavy wet snow in March is no match for the sun and the 45 degree high of tomorrow. The sun will get us back to spring. But today just looks like winter. Yesterday was the first day of spring and D.C. looked like it was trying.

There is a plus on snowy spring days. They keep me inside writing. Writing in the spring time is more of a challenge than most of the year. Spring in D.C. can be intoxicating—I mean, with flowers and trees blooming, although there is no shortage of booze in the District. I’ve learned over the past six years that practicing writing discipline is among the most challenging of quests. When writers are sitting quietly behind their typewriter hoping for a wisp of inspiration, it is easy to dismiss them as goofing off. Trust me it is some of the hardest work (though I really love it) I’ve ever attempted. It would be easy for a spouse or other relative to say,”Since you’re not doing anything can you run this garment to the cleaners?” I am lucky that my wife, Kathy, is just the opposite. She is the one that shoos me back to the writing desk when I am just messing around.

I will take some more pictures to share later, when it is perhaps 100 degrees.