But what if I don’t want to row my boat?

We all know the little ditty about rowing our boat gently down the stream. If you are old enough you can remember singing it in harmony while watching the “bouncing ball” in an old movie house like the Woodlawn Theater. Maturity has caused me to reconsider whether the song is a command or a suggestion. The purpose here is not to go all Eastern Religion on you, although I am not discounting their concept that life is just a dream.

What I really want to do is to remind myself first, but also to suggest to to you that drinking one or the other party’s political cool-aide without thinking for yourself  is a mistake.  Ask Jim Jones’ Jonestown congregation how blindly following his commands worked out for them. All I’m suggesting is think before you leap.

Spending substantial time in D.C. over the past twenty years has limited my willingness to simply “row my boat, gently…”. Before you think I am advocating one political persuasion over another let me explain.  Trying to make rational decisions in this world of biased reporting, fake news, fake news lite and alternative facts is hard at best.  During this last election we all got hopped up on supporting “our side”. Most of us were fervent about our candidates to the extreme.  After the election those whose candidate won rejoiced that “at last we could get back to sanity.” Those on the other end of the election were just as convinced that there was no sanity left in the country.

Call me crazy, but I think we are somewhere in between being well oriented in all spheres. The message I hope you take from my venture into navigating these turbulent waters is don’t believe everything you hear and with Photoshop available even less of what you see. I believe you can take what I say as truth, but then again I’m not sure I always know what I’m talking about!  In the meantime, row if you like, gently or otherwise.