He’s Back!

My apologies to the readers who enjoyed my blog articles last year. Life has a funny way of interrupting your plans when you least expect it. I am committed to getting back to regular posts. That all starts with making the first effort and here it is.

Take time to appreciate your surroundings and those you love. They have a way of changing and disappearing. Some close friends and family have disappeared out of my life in recent times. For the most part I had an opportunity to say good bye to them. But, and it is a big BUT, when folks are gone they are just gone. Grab someone you love today and say “Thanks for being in my life”.

By way of an update, my latest book “Anahuac” is with an editor who is doing a wonderful job. By June I hope to have the book out in paperback and on Kindle. “Anahuac” will be a fun read (forgive my pride!) I am asked frequently, “What’s your book about?” Well, here it is. A troubled young lawyer struggles to cope with three strong women as he defends a popular 1970’s radio evangelist accused of murdering a wealthy spinster in an isolated Texas county brimming with oil, evangelicals and greed.

One of the things that becoming an author teaches you is patience. There is no way that you finish a book when you want, get it edited as fast as you want, or get it into print when you want. It is a one step at-a-time process. I am not a patient man by nature. God has funny ways of showing you things. I hear you God, I’m trying!  O.K., I’m back again. I love your comments about the blog. Keep them coming, please.