William D. Darling

Author of Morgan’s Point and Anahuac

Praise for Anahuac

“Austin writer William D. Darling’s second novel, Anahuac, is an entertaining, engrossing legal thriller that offers both darkly humorous and good-natured thrusts at life, love, and law . . . first-rate reading, especially for readers who enjoy legal thrillers, lawyer procedurals, suspense, Texas settings, and characters who live large.” – Lone Star Literary Life

ANAHUAC: Available now via Amazon and at select Texas bookstores

Mansion in Anahuac

Darling’s novels masterfully weave three distinct genres – crime fiction, suspense, and Texana – and draw from his life as a hard-working assistant district attorney in Houston during the tumultuous late 1960s and early 1970s.


Morgan’s Point (The original, available here)

Anahuac (The sequel, out now)

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