But what if I don’t want to row my boat?

We all know the little ditty about rowing our boat gently down the stream. If you are old enough you can remember singing it in harmony while watching the "bouncing ball" in an old movie house like the Woodlawn Theater. Maturity has caused me to reconsider whether the song is a command or a suggestion. [...]

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Springtime in DC: Protests, Cherry Blossoms and Opening Day at the Ball Park

The air, no longer crisp by East Coast standards, blows coolly through the windows of the Uber taking us to opening day at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. Shafts of sunlight dart in and out of the broken clouds swirling overhead with the urgency of early springtime.  The cherry blossoms shimmer in the mottled sunlight [...]

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He’s Back!

My apologies to the readers who enjoyed my blog articles last year. Life has a funny way of interrupting your plans when you least expect it. I am committed to getting back to regular posts. That all starts with making the first effort and here it is. Take time to appreciate your surroundings and those [...]

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Morgan’s Point is in paperback

Morgan's Point, my first novel is now in a paperback edition. It can be ordered on Amazon. The book is also available on Kindle as an ebook.  I am particularly excited about the book in paperback. Being old school I love to hold a book in my hand. It is gratifying that the hard work is over [...]

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A Sad Day At UT.

August 1, 2016. 50th Aniversary of Mass Shooting   There was a ceremony today at The University of Texas to rededicate the Tower Garden created to honor those who were killed or wounded 50 years ago today in Austin.The garden is also dedicated to the police heros who risked their lives to stop the rampage [...]

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I Love You So Much!

My first book, Morgan's Point will soon be available in Paperback. I hope that those of you who mentioned to me that you prefer a book to an electronic version will now take this opportunity to read it. I continue to write the sequel entitled Anahuac and hope to have it out in paperback by September. Austin, Texas has been my home [...]

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CONTEST: Little Known Texas History

Last week I promised you a Texas history contest. There is even a prize to the person who provides the first right answer to my three part question below. So here goes: Question Part 1: What town along the Texas Gulf Coast was the site of early conflicts between Anglo Texan settlers and the Mexican [...]

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“Can’t You Just Sit Still”

My beautiful Mother said, "Bill, can't you just sit still." I was probably no more than five years old. I had no recollection of ever voluntarily sitting still for long. Neither did I understand why it might be desirable. My Mother could have given me a lengthy list. She was weary from tending to my new [...]

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Be Careful What You Wish For Santa Anna!

Today is San Jacinto Day in Texas. It is the day Mexico lost Texas. For those of you that aren't familiar, this is the day that Sam Houston's irregular militia of Texican's defeated a strong Mexican Army in a bloody eighteen minute battle at the confluence of the San Jacinto River and Buffalo Bayou near [...]

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When Austin had more Bats than people

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little city that had more Mexican Free Tail Bats than people. The citizens were blissfully living their ideal lives without fear of the furry hoard that dwelt among them. In 1980 the Congress Avenue Bridge that spans Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin needed to be renovated. [...]

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