Morgan's Point: A Texas Story

A birthday wish for manhood is granted but at a price a young boy could have never foreseen. Manhood comes to Jim Ward through an unspeakable tragedy. Jim believes he has exorcised the demons of his youth when he becomes an assistant district attorney and marries Cooper Faircloth, the hard working heiress to a newspaper fortune. Jim’s redemption begins to fall apart when Cooper’s obsessive drive to be accepted in a man’s world of newspaper publishing in the 1960’s leaves him lonely and resentful. Sparks fly with the sudden reappearance of Chinky Mason, Jim’s troubled and alcoholic college sweetheart. When Jim’s ambition allows a clever criminal to outwit a flawed justice system, Jim discovers that his redemption is illusory. What does a man do when he realizes that he is not the man he wants to be and what can he do if he is preordained to fail













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