William Darling is a life-long story teller. As a trial lawyer he stood before juries weaving the testimony they had heard into an understandable story. Now as a novelist he creates memorable characters whose lives are driven by money, politics, lies, love and fate.

He was an eye witness to many historical moments in the Twentieth Century. The back story of these events is often more interesting than the events themselves. His experiences as an assistant district attorney in Houston exposed him to both the outright brutality that one human being can inflict on another and the vicissitudes of the justice system that seeks to punish the guilty. He explored those issues and how great wealth plays a role in justice in depth in his most recent novel (Morgan’s Point: A Texas Story—Purchase on Kindle Amazon). Anahuac, the sequel to Morgan’s Point will be published in mid-2016.

He enjoys writing historical fiction with a focus on fate, predestination, relationships, newspapers and wealth. He enjoy life in two diverse environments; the country life on his ranch in the Central Texas Hill Country and the urban excitement that is Georgetown in Washington, D.C. He is married to Kathy Darling, who is a lawyer.